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Here's a brief summary of the Greek mythological history of the steed Aithon.

Aithon is from Greek mythology, meaning Fiery, Burning.

The Horses of Ares (the god of war) are four gold-bridled immortal horses.

Aithon - also known as Red Fire

Phlogeus – Flame

Konabos – Conabus or Tumult

Phobos – Panic-Fear

The four steeds parents are Boreas (North Wind) and & Tisiphone (1 of 3  of The Erinyes – goddesses of vengeance)


Aphrodite is said to have been wounded by Diomedes during the Trojan war and pleads with her brother Ares to give her his steeds that they may return her to Olympus.


Ares, during a battle with Heracles, is wounded and his horses carry him back to Olympus.

The four horses are found on the shield of Heracles.

Aithon is also found on an ancient Greek coin on the Reverse side along with Helios on the Observe side.